Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've never considered myself very "trendy".

I have always (okay, not always. There was this awful Easter outfit she wore once...) envied my middle sister's sense of style.

She makes dressing cute look so easy.
She also spends a lot of money (my mom calls her "Hollywood" and "Imelda Marcos").
Something I'm not too fond of.

I am cheap.
I like to use the word frugal.
It is really difficult for me to justify spending money, especially on clothes.
I'm always on the look out for a sale or deal.

I digress...

As I mentioned, I don't consider myself very "in" with the latest trends.
I rarely leave my "box" and try something new.

There have been a few trends that I have resisted because I considered them down right stupid at the time.

However, I gave in to each.
1. Flats: like wearing slippers!
2. Boots over jeans: Love!
3. Leggings: like wearing comfortable pajama pants wherever you go! "Girl, where yo' pants at?!"
4. Headbands: As my hair has been growing back, they've been life-saving.
5. Gladiator (or like) sandals: Still struggle with this one. I feel like they make me look shorter.

If there is one trend I have tried to avoid with every thread of my being
it would be
"the romper"
They remind me of skorts (are they shorts or a shirt?)
or something my mom would have made me wear to a picnic at the age of 5.
And what happens if you get a wedgie?
Pretty ridiculous looking, right?

Or so I thought.

Until Forever21 dedicated an entire section to the "Jumpsuit and Romper" on their site.
Some of them are just so darn adorable.
I can actually picture myself wearing them
in Greece
with super hot wedges.

I have one in "My Bag" right now waiting to be bought.
Don't judge me.

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