Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sirmione, Verona & Venice

I was surprisingly energetic and not at all tired, despite the late night/early morning at "Hollywood".

We visited Sirmione on Lake Gardasaw the Scaliger Castle from the 13th century and tried the yummiest gelato.
The light fog and cold made it look somewhat eery, but very beautiful
It was so quiet and peaceful, perfect for a weekend getaway.

then we headed to Verona

I had been sort of dreading visiting such a romantic place on Valentine's Day,
but I ended up LOVING it.
The girls and I visited Juliet's Balcony and took photos with her statue.
I rubbed her arm for good luck.
Gum and graffiti covered the walls leading to the courtyard which reminded me of "BubbleGum Alley" in San Luis Obispo which I had visited with my best friends during a Spring Break road trip in 2009.

We explored the streets and shops and Meghan and I bought some beautifully embroidered aprons from here.

There were lots of small shops, but designer stores as well.
Verona is more like how I had imagined Milan would be.

On the bus ride back to the hotel, we were given Italian chocolates.
Each had a fortune in it.
Mine read "Fortune belongs to he who seeks it" :)

Valentine's Day Dinner

The girls and I a.k.a. my Valentines had a "romantic" (HAHA) dinner at a restaurant near our hotel.
Marika and I split an antipasti of mussels-yum!
And I ordered seafood spaghetti, again.

At dinner, "Boobie" and I discovered that we are sisters,
we both pledged Alpha Chi Omega in college!
We were both very (perhaps overly?) excited; what a happy and unexpected coincidence to meet a fellow sister randomly in Italy! :)

At dinner, I also found out that Meghan had studied Anthropology in college, like me.

The girls and I had a wonderful dinner telling stories, laughing and enjoying eachother's company.

After dinner, we walked (frolicked?) back to our hotel arm in arm.

I really enjoyed this Valentine's Day.
I'm glad to have met such a fun group of girls (who remind me a lot of my friends back at home) to spend it with.

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