Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pisa, Cinque Terre & La Spezia

We were all in happy moods laughing about the previous night's events.

We left Florence to head to La Spezia.

It was raining. hard.
I put my Burberry umbrella (thanks mom!) to good use.

Along the way, we stopped at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and took the stereotypical pretend-to-be-holding-up-the tower photographs.
The Leaning Tower is Pisa's only claim to fame because there is nothing else around there of particular interest.
Except McDonald's.
And a very beautiful church, but those are all over Italy.

We left Pisa and hopped on the train to Cinque Terre ("The Five Lands"), a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera composed of five villages (we visited 2 of them).

At Monterosso al Mare, Rob (1/2 of an adorable married couple from Australia and fellow photography lover that I befriended), and I spent time snapping shots.
We wandered and met up with the group to try Focaccia (locals say the best focaccia is made here).I had a soft cheese and ham stuffed focaccia and it was to die for.

Next, we visited the village of Vernazza, where multicolored buildings cover the cliff side.
I climbed the top of a building and videotaped the crashing waves on the rocks.
It was pouring so hard that the rain soaked through my boots.
I usually hate the rain, but I loved every minute of it.
It was the most perfect rainy day, ever.
I would like to come again in the summer though to enjoy the beaches.
It was, however, very nice to be there in the off season since it was not crowded.
We traveled by train in to La Spezia where we dined on pesto pasta at Monticello, a small restaurant across from our hotel.
The girls and I spent the entire time deliriously giggling over nothing and making fun of people on our trip as Meghan elbowed the window every 5 seconds.
We got a kick out of our waiter Nico, who seemed grumpy and would only respond to us in the opposite language of whatever we spoke to him. (Thank you/Prego. Grazie/You're welcome).

We were all pretty wiped out and got to sleep early that night.

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