Monday, January 24, 2011

Cretans sure know how to eat!

My grandparents and I went to a Vasilopita cutting/luncheon at a large reception hall.

There was live Cretan music and dancing.

The invitation said that an abundant meal would follow.

They weren't kidding.

Xerotigana, paksimadakia
Cheeses (anthotyro, graviera) with honey
Orektika (appetizers) of spanakopites, tyropites and loukanikopites
Suglino (smoked ham)
Tsigariasto (stewed) meat with french fries
Vrasto (boiled) meat with pilafi (rice) and yogurt
Mixed greens salad
Psito (oven-baked) meat and potatoes
Makaronada (spaghetti with cheese)

The food just kept on coming.
So I just kept on eating (as not to be impolite, of course).

There was also bread, wine, tsikoudia, water and sodas on the table.


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