Monday, January 31, 2011

Ιθαγένεια: Ελληνική

Ιθαγένεια is Greek for "nationality".

My Greek National ID Card reads
Ιθαγένεια: Ελληνική or Nationality: Greek.
I like that.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
And proud.

[me with no makeup and my new, beautiful, shiny Greek National ID card.
You can't tell, but my hair is totally sticking up in my photo from riding a motorcycle.]

Don't I look completely thrilled in my ID photo?!
I promise I was happy.
They just wouldn't let me smile.
I guess I look more Greek that way. Just kidding.

Apparently this card is good for all sorts of things, such as:
  • Traveling within the European Union
  • Registering a telephone number
  • Flashing it at random times, in random places and telling people "I'm Greek!" (I haven't done that yet, but I might)

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